When Coaching Your Kids, Understand The 3 Ways They Learn

When Coaching Your Kids

👇 Actual Conversation 👇

“Don’t step back, step forward.

Try again. The foot you just used, step forward.

No no, the other foot.

Step forward.

No sir, step forward.

That’s backwards, step forward.

You just changed your guard completely. Please change your guard back.


Now, bring your knee and elbow together, and step forward.

Watch me. Like this.

Slap your leg.

No no, your other leg.

Yes sir, that leg.

When that leg finishes blocking, step forward, like this…

Understand? Let me see you try.



Do it again.

Nope, you stepped back again.

Step forward…”


In the moment, it could be easy to get frustrated with a conversation like this. You’re making perfect sense, explaining a technique and showing them. They “get” it… and yet they don’t.

It’s important to remember that students (read: YOU) learn in 3 ways:

➡️ Seeing: Some students can see the technique performed and immediately grasp it and do it.

➡️ Hearing: Some students need to hear a very technical explanation, and then they will be able to perform it.

➡️ Doing/Feeling: Some students need to just move their body (or in some cases, have their bodies moved) in order to learn.

Once you are aware of these three different learning modalities, compassion and patience come easily. 

You teach and explain perfectly and they don’t get it? Try showing it to them.

You demonstrate it to them and they still don’t grasp it? Pick their leg up and position it the way it’s supposed to be done. (In a non-COVID world, of course)

when coaching your kids

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