What’s With the Dummy Outside?

“Sooooo what’s with the dummy outside?”

“Excuse me sir, but his name is Bob, he works hard, and he has feelings too.” 


BOB (Body Opponent Bag) has become the de facto mascot of Super Kicks, and he likes it when you punch him in the face, stomp him in the stomach, and wring his neck from behind. Never hit him? You’re missing out. It’s life-changing.

Why do we put him outside?

At first, it was straight up marketing. People stop and punch him, we go out and talk and offer a trial. Boom. 

But now, he has become part of the community ❤️ Our students love on him after they punch him, they look forward to seeing him, they take pics with him and post them. 

I’m not confident I would be missed if I stopped teaching… but BOB?? We might have a problem if he went away haha. 

My favorite is when we see people pull up in their car, jump out, punch him, and jump back in their car! 

Makes my heart warm 🙂

Want to relieve some stress, and take out your frustration from the day? Come visit our school and PUNCH BOB!

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