VIRTUAL GRADUATION for 215 Students Training Martial Arts Online!

🤯 VIRTUAL GRADUATION! Over 215 students 🤯 tested and passed!

virtual graduation

“There I was, in the middle of the corona pandemic… we were losing lives in our country, businesses were shut down, people were in quarantine, the political landscape was crazy, and I—

“Yeah. Exactly.

virtual graduation super kicks

What were you? What did YOU do? What will YOUR story be?

THESE students have an amazing story to tell—they kept moving forward on their GOAL!! Super Kicks decided to shut down classes as soon as Loudoun County schools closed, and every day with our live online classes, we kept reminding our tribe:

👀 “All eyes forward to April 25th graduation! That’s the goal, and we don’t stop.”

And they didn’t stop. They kept training. I’m so proud of their tenacity, their courage, their hard work, and their willingness to persevere.

We ALWAYS talk about the obstacles that you will face on the way to black belt:

✔️ Time.

✔️ Money.

✔️ Injuries.

✔️ Fear and doubt.

✔️ Other interests.

✔️ School.

✔️ Negative beliefs.

Work. What about, “The government shut down the karate school in the midst of a pandemic?” 😳

virtual graduation super kicks 2

There will ALWAYS be obstacles that deter you from trying to achieve what you want. And you ALWAYS have a choice to make: do you pivot and find a way around the obstacle, or do you fold your cards and give up?

I’m proud to say, 215 students didn’t quit. And they didn’t give up.

Congratulations to everyone in our first ever VIRTUAL GRADUATION!!

Super Kicks is SO MUCH MORE than just a karate school.

→ It’s a belief system.

→ It’s a family.

→ It’s a community.

🤗 And I’m enormously proud of everyone involved, from the instructors I get to work with on a daily basis, to the students who make everything worth the effort.

Let’s keep pushing! All eyes on June 20th!


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