Videotape Your Moves For Improvement

Hey everyone! A quick new training tip for you…

Videotape your moves for improvement! That’s right-record yourself!! So, when you’re working your forms, or you’re working your kata, whatever you’re practicing, have somebody videotape what you’re doing or set up a camera to record.  I want you to go back and watch it and study it. You will see mistakes that you make. You’ll see things that you do right. You’ll see things that you do wrong. It will arm you with the knowledge that you need so you can go back and practice.

If you want to be a better fighter, videotape yourself fighting. If you want to be a forms competitor, videotape your forms. Again, watch it and make your corrections from there. I know this will help. I did it myself for years and years. It helped me. It will help you. Get to practicing and make some videos. I recently shared a tip on Perfecting Your Front Kick. Combine these two tips to start and I’ll see you in class!

-Master Alley