Try This FUN Way to Practice Your Jump Spinning Crescent Kicks!

We call it a jump spinning crescent kick, other styles of martial arts like Taekwondo call it a Tornado kick. All I know is, ever since I was a kid, it was one of my favorite kicks!

My instructor used to encourage us to go outside in the grass or in a big field and practice these in a row, until we were dizzy. 

Any given day in Lynchburg, VA, 30 years ago, you might find a group of kids practicing this kick. It was fun then, and we still push our students to practice this way now. 

One of the great things about practicing these kicks this way is it develops endurance, balance, coordination, and strength. For those students training in our Ashburn martial arts school, you have two in a row during Universal 7 (one of the katas required for black belt).

If you can effortlessly pump out ten, twenty, or even THIRTY of these kicks in a row, how much easier will it be to do TWO? 

Find a runway and see how many you can do! And watch the video to the end and see how many this instructor can do!

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