How in the WORLD Can You Teach Karate ONLINE?! Check Out These 7 Ways We are Doing it Everyday

“Master Alley, PLEASE tell me you still have online classes, because we can’t find ANYTHING that is even close to what Super Kicks offered!”

We recently had a family move away–states away–and had to discontinue their training. When they left, I suggested they continue training online. They decided against it, and wanted to try to find a school in their new city where they could attend in person.

Couple of months later, I get a call and they are begging to get back to Super Kicks. Music to my ears 🤪

Whether you live in or close to Ashburn, or you live 1000 miles away, you can still take online classes with us! We had to make the switch due to Covid, and now, we’ll never NOT have online.

Online classes are also a FREE service we offer to our current “brick and mortar” students. Anytime they can’t train in person or are on vacation, they can jump online and train.

Nervous about being around other people due to Covid? TRAIN ONLINE!

Don’t live in Ashburn, VA, but love the message of Super Kicks and want your family being influenced by our instructors? TRAIN ONLINE!

Check out some of the ways we are using technology to give our online students an amazing learning experience!

Options to Train Online with Super Kicks
  1. Live streaming classes. Multiple times per week, we are running a live feed of our regular classes, so when you train at home, it feels like you are inside the same class! You get the energy from the group, and the ability to watch the instructors make corrections in real time, so you can make the same tweaks yourself.
  2. Zoom becomes the  “assistant instructor.” Some of our live classes are also Zoomed, which gives you the ability to take the live class, AND, puts one of our black belt instructors in a position where we can see you and give you feedback! It’s pretty simple. Cast our live feed to your TV or laptop, and then use a separate device for Zoom so we can watch you train. You get to take class with the group, and you get a live instructor coaching and correcting you. It’s perfect.
  3. On Demand Classes. Can’t make the live streaming classes? Want to retake the live class you just did because it was so awesome? You’re in luck! We record them all, that way you have unlimited access to these classes, and can take as many as you want, whenever you want.
  4. Library of Curriculum. Want some extra help on one specific technique? There’s a video for that! Anytime you need to work on one specific move or kata, go to the video library and pull up that specific technique and get the help you need so you can pass your tests and move up in rank!
  5. You Still Have to Pass Tests! When it comes time to test for your new belt, you still have to be in front of one of our instructors. You can send in testing videos, and we grade what you do, or you can test on Zoom. Either way, we still have the same standards, regardless of if you are training in person or training online.
  6. One App That Binds Them All. Everything described above lives on our membership app, so you don’t have to navigate multiple platforms to find what you need. Once you enroll in our online martial arts program, you’ll have access to all of our curriculum, links, library–all of it–just by downloading an app. Easy.
  7. Online Community. Another way we serve our online community is through a private Facebook group. Ask questions, get help, post videos, and be part of our tribe at large, and you will quickly feel like you’ve been part of the Super Kicks Karate family for a long time. 

If you’re interested in training with Super Kick Karate, and learning martial arts online, grab a 30 day guest pass, schedule your first free class, and let us show you how we are using technology to create amazing students, virtually.

All of the instructors feel like we have a mission, not a job, and allowing more families to train with us, wherever you are, feels good and right to us. 

We hope you’ll be impressed.

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