3 Life Lessons Gleaned From This Weekend

Update: Super Kicks Karate is referring all after school and day camp students to Center Stage Preschool. Check out Center Stage programs here!

Congratulations To Everyone Who Competed In Our Latest Tournament!

I am so proud of your hard work at this past weekend’s tournament and grateful that you trusted us that you would do a great job. You signed up and were courageous enough to take the plunge, and you rocked it out! SO MANY first place finishes!! It made me proud to see Ashburn students out there hustling, yelling, intense and being focused martial artists. You looked amazing. Win or lose, your hard work paid off. It also made me feel amazing when both students AND instructors from other schools came up to me and said, “Ashburn students look AMAZING!” It’s one thing for me to tell you that you look good, it’s something else for others around to recognize it. You should feel proud.

Don’t Ever Let Fear Stop You From Pursuing A Dream

To those who were nervous… You walked in and told me you wanted to puke. You were scared. Some of you wanted to bail but you didn’t. The moment you started competing, the nerves went away and you did what you trained to do. Lesson learned: Don’t ever let fear stop you from pursuing a dream. What’s the worst that can happen? Be courageous, and step up.  Remember, you will ALWAYS be nervous.

Always Take Responsibility For Your Loss

To those who didn’t win… What did you learn? Why did they beat you? Were they more prepared? More intense? More sharp? Were they faster? Lesson to learn: Always take responsibility for your loss. Let that loss be fuel to burn inside you and go after it next time. The guy or girl who beat you, study what they did and train hard to mimic them and surpass their skill. That’s one of the benefits of competing.

Stay Hungry

To those who got first place… they are coming for you! The above paragraph, they have you in mind! They want to be as good as you. You can be sure that they are going back to training and working hard so that next time they face you, they can beat you. Lesson to learn: Stay hungry. Now isn’t the time to rest and take it easy. Now is the time to train harder, and let your win be momentum to train with more intensity and more fervor. I am honored to be your instructor, and honored to have such hard working instructors working with you! We can’t say thank you enough to those who showed up and represented our school!

Next year, there are 3 tournaments. Set your goal NOW to compete in all three. Make plans to take our weapon seminars so you can compete in the weapons forms divisions as well!! In the meantime, weapons training videos like this can be helpful.

Congratulations again!