Toddler Martial Arts Classes: 4 Common Questions You Might Be Asking

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It’s no secret. If you talk to any of our instructors, we will tell you straight up—the Little Leaders karate class is our favorite. Hands down. This unique toddler martial arts class is something you won’t want to miss!

The Little Leaders program is our martial arts class for toddlers ages 2-4 years old and prepares kids for our family martial arts classes. You take the classes with your child, hold striking pads and targets, are the self-defense partner for grab techniques, and encourage all the exercises by doing them as well. 

Because most martial arts schools don’t start kids until ages 4 or 5, we receive some common questions about these classes. Check them out below to find out more.

Isn’t My Toddler Too Young for Martial Arts?

Not at all. Other martial arts schools will tell you 2-4 years is too young, not based on any science, but based on the simple reason that it’s challenging to teach a 2-4-year-old child the same way you teach a 7-year-old.

We have learned that if you put a parent with the child so they are comfortable, make sure the class is designed for that specific age, and change the structure of the lesson so it’s geared towards them, your kiddo will flourish and do an amazing job!

toddler boy playing with water hose

Can my 3-Year-Old Actually Learn Karate?

They can, and they do. We teach our classes on an 8-week cycle, and our Little Leader classes are modeled after the same psychology used in children’s educational videos. They take a class once per week, and it’s the same curriculum taught in each class week after week for 8 weeks. This way, they learn, they have fun, and they can develop a strong skill set before we move on to the next rotation of curriculum. 

Karate Isn’t Good for Their Bodies, Right?

Wrong. Karate is great for their bodies. Your little daredevil is already spinning, flopping, jumping, galloping, and attempting to twist on her head with no arm support. Tell the truth…you know we are right. 

Our martial arts classes give toddlers an outlet to move their bodies in a way that is safe and healthy, making them stronger and more flexible. All the things we know that are good for them. 

Will My Child Become Aggressive?

We hear this concern regularly regarding martial arts in general, not just for our toddler karate classes. After decades of teaching, this is the LEAST of our concerns as instructors, because we know how rare it is. 

We teach children when to use martial arts. Strangers. Bad guys. Kids also get used to our space and associate their new karate moves with our physical location. They know when to use it and when not to.

Check Out Our Toddler Martial Arts Classes in Ashburn.

Choosing the right martial arts school can be overwhelming with all the options you find online. The easiest way to find out if our martial arts classes for toddlers make sense for your child is to take advantage of our free, 30-day guest pass! Grab a voucher on this page, and schedule your first free class today! We would love to have you visit us!

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