Ever Taught Your Kid to Journal?

This week, we have encouraged students to start journaling, and I wanted to provide a really easy way to get started, whether your a kid or adult! 

Answer one of these 7 questions, followed up with “WHY?”

➡️ What am I happy about today?

➡️ What am I excited about today?

➡️ What is making me feel really proud right now?

➡️ What am I grateful for?

➡️ What do I feel encouraged by?

➡️ What did I learn today?

➡️ How did I contribute or help someone in need? 

I’ve been journaling since I was 16 years old, and can look back and see what I was thinking and feeling, almost any day of my life, for the last 26 years.

Couple of sentences, or several pages. AM or PM. It doesn’t matter. 

It’s a powerful way to live. And “if your life is worth living, it’s worth recording.” -Tony Robbins

Give yourself–and your kids–this gift. 

See you in your next class!

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