Super Kicks Karate Students Volunteer and Collect 654 POUNDS of Food!

654 POUNDS of FOOD! 🤩‼️❤️

We are SO grateful to our Ashburn community for their generosity! Over the course of 4 hours and 2 different doors, we had over 30 of our members stationed outside of Giant last Saturday, collecting food for Loudoun Hunger Relief. 

Just one of the carts we were able to fill

❤️ To all of our Super Kicks members who participated and gave their time, THANK YOU!
❤️ To those beautiful souls who generously gave and filled up BASKETS with food, THANK YOU!
❤️ To Giant, for allowing us to be stationed outside, THANK YOU!
❤️ To Loudoun Hunger Relief—THANK YOU for the work you are doing in our community! We are so grateful to support you in your mission. 

So many generous donations!

To Ashburn, we have been serving you now for 10 years, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of this community—we love it. 🤗

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