Super Kicks Announces New Location!

Check out the journey!! 👇 It’s with extreme excitement and gratitude that we get to announce…

We have secured our new space!! 🎉🎈🙌‼️

6500 SF of floor space to serve our Ashburn community, located at 44710 Cape Court #114 Ashburn, VA 20147.

👉 We started 9 years ago in Ashburn, at the Garden Hilton Inn, teaching classes out of a ballroom. (The manager thought we were weird.)

👉 We outgrew that quickly, and one month later, they had to move us to the Embassy Suites. (The waterfall was a nice addition 😊)

👉 3 months later, in October 2014, we secured suite 192 in our shopping center, with 1400 SF. (The original hotel manager sent me a congratulations card, and said, “I was wrong about you…” 😂)

👉 In 2016, we expanded in the shopping center to our current suite, with 2100 SF. Read more about how we got started (and the hotel ballroom where we started) here.

👉 2019 was our biggest and most profitable year, but we knew it would be a challenge to continue to grow with our limited square footage.

👉 2020 was Covid. We hustled. We fought. We cried. We were terrified. We kept serving. And we survived. To those of you that stuck by us, we will be forever grateful ❤️

And now we are thriving again! 🤗

👉 Here we are in 2021… 6500 SF of space!! In our minds, that doesn’t mean we have to triple our enrollment. We believe we can double our business by simply doing what we have been doing, and keeping our families training comfortably twice as long, working past black belt and beyond! We believe if you have SPACE TO MOVE and class times available to continue learning in a positive, supportive environment…why would you ever quit?

We want to serve you, and we want you, our students, to feel proud of your martial arts school.

We have lots more to share, and will continue to keep you updated as we make progress. Estimated time of the buildout being completed in mid-September, which puts us in there actually training at the start to middle of October.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and careers. Thank you, Ashburn, for welcoming in Super Kicks to this community 9 years ago, and letting us serve you. It’s been wonderful. Exciting. And meaningful.

And I promise… we are just getting started. 👊

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