The Difference Between Success and Failure. #Attitude

As we get ready for our next graduation…

We will begin testing again this week. I love to remind students of this simple idea: that those who succeed in life often do so, not because they are more talented than others around them, but because they simply didn’t care how many times they failed. They never gave up. They kept going. They kept pushing themselves until they hit their goal.¬†attitude

And that difference can be summed up in one word: attitude.

This week (and always), let’s¬†remind our students and our kids that when we don’t get what we want on the first go, in order to be an achiever, and ESPECIALLY a leader, we MUST keep our attitudes in the right place, and keep striving.

Not passing a testing stripe isn’t the end of the world. It’s a stepping stone towards your goal. Developing a black belt attitude takes practice, remaining eternally positive takes practice, and we as instructors and parents have an opportunity to teach our kids a valuable lesson through this process. Let’s teach them that the difference between success and failure is almost always, ATTITUDE!