Practice Tip For A Jump-Back Fist–Reverse Punch

Hello everybody!

So, the jump-back fist- reverse punch. I’m noticing some of my students have the hang of it and some are struggling with when to throw and land. Here’s a quick tip for those who want to improve on this combination. Skip! Try practicing the jump-back fist- reverse punch by incorporating a little skip into it. You can come to class early to practice or even practice this at home.

Before we get to the hands lets focus on the feet. In a normal skip, you’re bringing your knee up in front of your body as you move forward. Instead, I want you to skip and drag that back leg behind your body. Tell yourself as your skipping “Step and hop, step and hop.” Get comfortable with that so we can incorporate the hands.

Now try skipping this modified skip (legs behind not knee up) and let’s start throwing punches. Whichever leg you’re on, throw a back fist with it! So, hop and back fist, hop and back fist! When you’re ready to incorporate the reverse punch you will be throwing both, back to back, on the same hop. This is a drill we would regularly practice for 15-20 minutes before we’d fight.

I encourage you to practice this regularly because it also serves as a great warm up. Start skipping dragging that foot behind you and remember that when that foot lands, that’s when your reverse punch lands!

I hope this helps. See you in class!!