Sign Up for the Inconvenience

Push-ups: “Awww MAN!!”

Sit-ups: “Not these again!”

Spread your legs into your best effort at a full middle split: “I hate this part!”

😂 😂 😂

Every so often (usually only in the beginner classes), a student with no filter will shout something like this as we announce an exercise. 

It always makes us chuckle on the inside, but gives us an opportunity to teach this lesson:

“The goal is exciting. The journey is hard.”

Isn’t that true?

The goal of learning karate and earning your black belt feels magical, big, and special. It is. Most other big goals are the same. They inspire us and captivate us, and we just KNOW that it will be awesome to be/do/have the “thing.”

However, it’s important to realize that the journey there is often hard. Tough. Challenging. It’s never in a straight line, and it will never look like what you thought. 

And it will absolutely inconvenience you. 

It’s inconvenient sometimes to get to the gym every day, isn’t it?

It’s inconvenient during our work day to eat whole, real food, and not fast food. 

It’s inconvenient at times to stop playing with your friends and go to karate class. 

It’s inconvenient to do push-ups and sit-ups and other strength training exercises so that you have the physical ability to do the moves required at black belt level. 

The solution?

Sign up for the inconvenience. 

Embrace the mindset that you like a challenge, and you’ll do whatever it takes. 

Be prepared for hard, tough, work. And not only be prepared for it, but welcome it and get excited about it. 

Be weird. Sign up for it.

Never complain about it. You asked for this. You want the goal. Do the work. 

Then, you will have the mindset and attitude of those that achieve great things. 

Let’s teach our kids, and remind ourselves, that achievers are simply normal people, who have big dreams, and are willing to be completely inconvenienced in order to be/do/have something great ❤️

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