Set Your Intention

Set Your Intention

One of the best ways to have an amazing class is to decide beforehand, exactly HOW it will be an amazing session. 

Every time you are about to take a lesson, whether it’s online with our video classes or in person, DECIDE. Decide what your intention will be. 

At the end of this class, will you be:

  • More flexible?
  • Stronger?
  • Faster?
  • More confident with your kata?
  • Will you be the most intense you’ve ever been?
  • Are you going to work on being totally present?

By the end of this next training session, what small victory can you celebrate?

Deciding what you want to happen before the class will practically guarantee that it happens. 


Because now you’re looking for it. 

And we tend to get exactly what we look for. ❤️

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