Knife Defense Seminar

What would happen if someone had a knife at your throat? At your back? How would you respond? Could you defend yourself?

Come learn some of the foundational knife defenses we teach that are easy to learn, fast, effective, and brutal. 

If you have your own rubber knife, please bring it. If you don’t have one, we have them available to borrow.

This seminar is IN PERSON & VIRTUAL. We will be streaming live and recording the seminar. All participants, whether in person or virtual only, will receive the link we use and will be able to have unlimited access to the replay. This means that if you want to take the seminar again, get more practice, or see a drill more closely under the camera, you’ll be able to. 

Available for members and non-members of Super Kicks Karate. All non-members will receive a complimentary free, 30 day guest pass to our school after completing the seminar!

Register you and a friend, and we will see you there!

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