Self-defense for women: the best tools, techniques, and classes

Self-defense tools for women are everywhere: tactical pens, concealed-carry purses, pepper spray… or just a good, heavy-duty flashlight to store under the seat in the car. Many women even carry around multiple tools with them at all times. But how effective can a basic tool be if you don’t have any idea on how or when to use them?

That’s why, in addition to self-defense tools, all women need to know some basic self-defense moves and techniques.

No woman wants to be in a situation where they have to defend themselves against an attacker. But for personal safety, it could be the difference between life and death. Self-defense can build the self-confidence needed to feel safer in almost any situation – strange alleyways or even just walking alone to your car.

Let’s go over some of the most popular tools and self-defense techniques for women, as well as why Krav Maga could be your key to success in gaining the proper training to be fully confident in being able to defend yourself!

Best tools for self-defense

Even basic tools can help you defend yourself when you’re in a dangerous situation – especially if you understand how to use them properly. Here are four popular picks that are widely available and reasonably priced. 

1. Tactical pen

A stealthy tool to carry with you at all times, the tactical pen looks and works just like an ordinary ballpoint with added features. Used by military personnel and police, it’s crafted from tough metal with a hardened pointed tip, which you can use to hit soft spots on your attacker. Some even include mace or darts, and you can even use it as a window breaker if you’re trapped and need to escape. 

2. Stun gun

Stun guns are a non-lethal method of protecting yourself – and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose stun guns disguised as regular items such as perfume bottles, cellphone cases, and car keys. The electric shock leaves the attacker disoriented, allowing you time to escape. 

3. Pepper spray

For a fast, effective way to temporarily disable an attacker, opt for pepper spray. Its small canister is easy to carry in your bag or pocket. Aim for the face and eyes for the best results – the spray will close your aggressor’s eyes, make it hard to breathe, stinging their skin. Effects usually last for up to 45 minutes, leaving you enough time to escape and get help.

4. Flashlight

A less obvious tool of self-defense for women to carry, the flashlight looks innocent enough. Using a bright LED flashlight with a strobe setting can disorient and temporarily blind an assailant, even from a distance, allowing you plenty of time to get away to safety. Opt for a long-heavy duty flashlight to store in your car for dual safety.

Helpful techniques for self-defense

Understanding an attacker’s approach can get you out of a situation quickly, or keep you from getting in one to begin with. Here are five basic self-defense techniques for women.

1. Escape a bear hug

Many attackers will grab their victims from behind, trapping their arms in a ‘bear hug’. Luckily, there’s a simple self-defense tactic that can help you escape.

  1. Quickly squat down low and shift your weight to the side
  2. With the heel of your palm, strike the groin area repeatedly
  3. Elbow in the stomach to inflict further pain
  4. Escape to safety

2. Strike with the heel of your palm

If your attacker is coming at you head-on, striking your palm in the right spots can quickly throw them off balance.

  1. Flex your hand to expose your wrist and face your palm upward
  2. Quickly jab the heel of your palm either into the nostril area, or the throat area, of your assailant
  3. This should throw them back, giving you time to escape

3. Kick or knee to the groin

The groin is one of the most vulnerable areas to target, so you should always aim your defending strikes there if possible. 

If the attacker’s a little way in front of you, kick your leg out hard to hit them in the groin, making sure you won’t lose your balance.

Are they too close for you to safely kick? A knee works just as well!

4. Hammer strike holding your keys

Carrying your keys can help you in a self-defense situation if you hold them correctly. 

  1. Hold your keys firmly in your hand by the keyring, with the keys sticking out of one side of your closed fist
  2. Strike your attacker in a downward motion

5. Roundhouse Kick

Here is a simple kick move that you can learn from home with Super Kicks Karate:

Krav Maga: the ultimate self-defense class for women

Krav Maga is an Israeli fighting system that can help you learn to defend yourself while building confidence and athletic ability while getting in the best shape of your life.

  • Strike targets, learn to box and get in great shape
  • Learn the same techniques and training methods as champion fighters
  • Be challenged in new and rewarding ways
  • Work every muscle group
  • Feel better physically and mentally

If you’re in the Loudoun area, Super Kicks is one of the top martial arts schools in Ashburn and we’d love for you to learn more about Krav Maga and other martial arts we teach. Learn about Israeli Self Defense in Ashburn!

At Krav Maga in Ashburn, you will learn:

  • Warrior Krav Maga-Israeli Defense Tactics
  • Combative Strikes: Close, Mid, Long Range
  • Fatigue Drills: Simulates the energy depletion of an Actual Confrontation
  • Defensive Tactics: Deflect, Evade, Intercept Oncoming Attacks
  • Awareness Drills: Develops reflexes and Adaptation
  • Knowledge Domain: Principles of Krav Maga, Psychology of FIghting, & Survival Mindset
  • Self Defense: Various Grabs You Will Encounter
  • Stress Drills: Acclimates to the Sudden Shock of Being Attacked

Ready to schedule your first session? Get in touch with us to book now!

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