After School Programs for Middle Schoolers at Super Kicks Karate

kids being silly at after school

Super Kicks Karate wants to make certain all children have a chance to participate in our martial arts classes. It’s also important to us to make attending classes easy on the parents. That’s why we’re proud to offer our after school programs that now pick up from the local middle schools!

Our after school programs are open to those in Kindergarten all the way up to sixth grade. While middle schoolers are older than the rest of the pack, that doesn’t mean you feel comfortable leaving them at home by themselves. Maturity is still a learning process with many sixth graders. Even if yours is mature enough to handle themselves at home, why leave them home alone when they could have fun with others?

Super Kicks Karate is a perfect after school program that will give them supervision and fun while keeping your mind at ease. Our daily martial arts classes will offer your child a place to engage in physical activity and exercise. It’s also a great place for them to learn good morals and values, such as strength, discipline, and self-confidence.

Classes aim to teach all students important life lessons. We believe that all students should adhere to the “black belt attitude,” which helps them become leaders in their lives.

We also offer homework help and encourage students to finish their homework before they even get home. There are games and crafts to keep young hands busy, and we even provide a healthy snack for all our students.

Best of all, our studio keeps the program running, even on snow days or minor school holidays. Our day camps offer a drop off time as early as 7 am, and a pick up as late as 6 pm. Full day camps are free with no additional charges for those enrolled in our regular after school program.

Give your child a great after school experience, and know that your child will be learning martial arts and leadership skills. Call Super Kicks Karate at (571) 293-2467.