Quitting isn’t an option…

Tremiti Islands

He was in tears, struggling with the new curriculum we were teaching him. Everything about his demeanor was shouting defeat. 

This wasn’t like him. He would normally rise to the challenge, work hard and figure it out. But this day… it was getting to him. 

I had a chat with his mom after class, explained what I saw, let her know we were having some trouble, and she said she would chat with him. 

That was 3 weeks ago. 

Fast forward to today, and he was a completely different kid. Actually, he was back to his old self—diligent, determined, and willing to fail in order to learn. 

I asked his mom what she said, and she told him they gave him some tough love.

“I reminded him: ‘Quitting isn’t an option. The curriculum is getting tougher now. So what are you going to do?’ And he told me, ‘I guess I have to get tougher.’ And it sounds like he got it.”

Slow clap for Mom. 

What would happen in our lives if we took this approach? If we decided, quitting isn’t an option? 

I have to imagine that after we wrestle with our emotions, in the end, we would do what this young man did. We would get tougher. And we would be better for it.