Martial Arts for Women

News of violence against women is almost a daily report. Don’t be a victim: take a martial arts class and protect yourself! Self-defense is just as important as balancing the checkbook or writing up the weekly grocery list. Take time for yourself and make sure you know how to defend yourself.

Your safety depends on knowing the risks, your resources at hand, and judging the space around you. Risks come in all shapes and sizes. Martial arts classes can help you learn how to prepare for the various risks you’ll encounter in the world. One of the best resources you can have to defend yourself against any risk? Knowing the basics of how to stop an attacker and escape.

Another thing martial arts can give you as a woman is confidence. Knowing how to protect yourself will give you the confidence to handle anything that comes your way. If you know how to defend yourself, you can walk with confidence.

Taking a martial arts class can also help you get in shape. This is important for self-defense: your body is your weapon. When it’s toned and strong, you can react faster and defend yourself better.

These are just the basics of what a martial arts class can offer any woman. At Super Kicks Karate, we pride ourselves on our Ladies Only Self-Defense seminars. If you’ve wanted to take martial arts and self-defense classes, but been uneasy due to a male instructor, you have no need to fear. Our Super Kicks Ladies Only seminar is taught by women, for women.

Life-saving self-defense techniques include striking: we cover front kicks, cross elbows, and knee strikes. We also teach how to escape the most common grabs an attacker may use, as well as how to defend yourself against weapons you may encounter.

Our first seminar was such a hit that we now hold a class every Saturday! No matter your experience level or age, taking martial arts is crucial if you’re a woman. Learn how to defend yourself: sign up for our Ladies Only Self-Defense seminar. Call Super Kicks Karate at (571) 293-2467.