Martial Arts Classes for Three Year Olds

little boy smiling

Many parents might ask themselves, “Can my three year old really learn martial arts?” At Super Kicks Karate, the answer is always yes. We offer family programs where everyone can learn together, and we also offer after school programs for young children. However, our class, “Little Leaders Martial Arts Class,” is geared for our youngest children.

This class is more than just fun and cute for parents to watch: we strive to teach our little ones three basic lessons.

1. Martial Arts Increases Focus

Three year olds have wild imaginations and energy, and we love them for it. Our goal is to channel all that energy into learning martial arts. We also teach them to make direct eye contact with their instructor. Last but not least, we help them focus on following directions. These are lessons that go well beyond the martial arts classroom!

2. Strength and Flexibility at Super Kicks

While a three year old won’t have the dexterity and strength that a ten year old would have, we work on building up their strength and stretching so they can grow big and strong. Our exercises are fun and energetic, perfect for keeping up with three year olds. We teach them how to perform squat jumps, as well as help them learn how to do the splits.

We encourage parents to be involved in the class: when we do our sit-ups, parents will often come hold tiny feet and encourage their little one to keep going. And sometimes, just to keep it fun, we’ll flip it around and let the parents exercise while the children hold on to feet!

3. Stranger Danger Curriculum

Self-defense can begin very young. We teach our three year olds the importance of stranger danger. Your child will know who a stranger is, what to do if they get lost and can’t find their parent, and even what to do if a stranger tries to take them. We encourage parents to continue this vital conversation outside of the classroom.

Our three year olds have a world of fun being Little Leaders, and parents will, too. Sign your little one up for our class by calling (571) 293-2467.