The Secret To Making Straight A’s

The Secret To Making Straight A’s

Well, it’s not really a secret. It’s more of an approach to reaching that goal. This last week, students have been turning in their reports cards and Master Alley has seen a lot of great report cards. So, congratulations to our students on having a black belt attitude at school as well as at Super Kicks!

Master Alley shares this quick story…

“When I was in school, I made straight A’s, once. Literally, one report card cycle. But, I was a good student. I made A’s and B’s, sometimes a C here and there. One six weeks, I think I was in eighth grade, I remember telling myself, “These six weeks, I’m going to make straight A’s!” First, I decided what I was going to do. That’s huge for goal setting. I also committed to the idea that I was going to do my homework and study more. I was going to really put in the hard work. But, I did something that I know is what made the difference for me getting straight A’s.

What made the difference is I went to every single one of my teachers and I said, “Teacher, these six weeks, I have a goal of getting straight A’s on my report card. I need an A in your class. Will you help me?” They all looked at me like, “Oh my gosh, this kid is the best ever.” They wiped their tears and agreed, “Of course, I’ll help you. I’ll help you.”

So, for that six weeks, I worked hard and I studied. I did my part, and my teachers, they knew my goal and so they did their part. They would pull me aside if I was slipping and they would tell me, “Make sure you do this. Don’t forget about this. If you want straight A’s in your report card, you’ve got to yadda, yadda, yadda.” It really made a difference!

I can remember the last week before the six weeks were done. One of my teachers came to me and said, “Don, you have a B in this class. If we continue on this current trajectory, you’re going to get a B. I know you wanted straight A’s, so I’m just curious if you want to do some extra credit for me to get that A?” I thought, “Yes, I do!” If I hadn’t have told him that I wanted straight A’s I would’ve never gotten the straight-A report card.

So, the key to making straight A’s is to, first, decide that you want it! Secondly, put in the work!! Work your face off. Lastly, hold yourself accountable by telling all of your teachers that you’re going to get an A in their class and ask for their help!!!”

As Master Alley encourages, keep on working hard in school. Have a great attitude with your instructors at Super Kicks and at school with your teachers as well!

See you in class!

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