Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform – Part 2

Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform, Part 2

Hello everyone!

Master Alley wanted to share part 2 of this training tip: Listening to the sound of your uniform! Here’s what he had to share…

“What’s up everybody, Master Alley here. When you’re throwing a punch, a kick, your Gi, your uniform should tell you if you are doing it correctly. The reason I say that is, if you’re throwing the punch hard, take a reverse punch, if I punch correctly and hard, my uniform will snap. When you’re striking in the air, I really want you to listen for your Gi, let it pop. The same thing happens on your kicks.

How do you make that happen? You have to relax through the movement, then tense and tighten your muscles right at the moment of contact. The reason that Gi tells you it’s right, is because that’s how you throw a punch with technique with good power. You relax through it and then right at the moment of contact, that’s when you pop it. This (see video) reverse punch, nothing, right? It doesn’t look very powerful. This reverse punch, we don’t want to get hit by that, and you can hear my uniform snap!

When you’re striking, listen for it. When you’re doing your universals, you’re listening for that Gi to pop. Your kicks, rather than placing it, you’re snapping that technique so that your uniform will pop. Practice that, make your Gi pop, and I’ll see you in class.”

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We hope this helps!