Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform – Part 1

Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform

Can you hear it? Students, one of the things I want you to do when you are practicing your forms is to listen to the sound of them. I was just testing a student on their universals one through nine and their techniques were really strong, really good! However, I couldn’t hear¬†their uniform! One of the ways you can know that your techniques are strong and powerful is to listen to them. Your uniform will tell you. For example, who would mind getting hit by a punch meant for a teddy bear? No big deal, right? What about a punch so intense your uniform sleeve made a whipping or snapping sound?! No one wants to get in the way of that! Listen out for that sound because you can hear the difference.

Every time you throw a punch or an upper body technique or a lower body technique, you want to make sure that you’re snapping your techniques in such a way your uniform tells you that it’s strong. You’ll hear it in the uniform.¬†I hope this helps!

See you in class!

P.S. Students, you have turned in great report cards this week! Congratulations for demonstrating black belt attitudes at school as well as in the studio. For those of you striving to make straight A’s next report card cycle, here is The Secret To Making Straight A’s. It begins with deciding you want to do it! I encourage you to set that goal for yourself. Good luck!