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Super Kicks Karate is proud to be in the top martial arts schools in Leesburg!

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Here at Super Kicks, we believe that your family should get the very best from the investments you make outside of work or school; that’s why we are proud to be in the top martial arts schools in Leesburg. With five-star reviews across the board, we can proudly say that Super Kicks in Leesburg provides Loudoun County with excellence in martial arts training for the whole family.

“We are new to the Superkicks Leesburg Family. Our 7yo daughter has been going for over a month now and is truly enjoying every moment of her martial arts learning there. We are even beginning to see some improvement in her behaviors at home as well! Mrs.Garcia is an amazing instructor. She’s extremely knowledgeable and also caring and kind. Our daughter looks forward to seeing her every Tuesday and Thursday. Though sometimes the classes are full, each person gets some one on one with the instructors – they make you feel extremely important and want each student to attain the full vast knowledge of Martial Arts. I would highly recommend Superkicks Leesburg!!!”

The Super Kicks team strives to provide a great experience, the best trainers in the area and the support you need to succeed – whether you are trying to support character building for your children, or are in it for the strength-building exercises and body conditioning. With our five-star record from Facebook to Google and Yelp reviews, our school thrives with excellent students and teachers alike.

More Reviews of Our Leesburg Martial Arts School

We have a five-star rating both on Google and Facebook!

“I’m still new to Super Kicks in Leesburg, however, I have learned a lot from attending classes. Mrs. Garcia is patient, kind, understanding, and she teaches with both seriousness and fun. She has passion for what she does, and that passion is rather contagious! She’s taught me so much in the short time of me coming to the classes and I definitely look forward to learning more! To those who are thinking about learning some martial arts and are also in the Leesburg area, I 10 out of 10 recommend Super Kicks Karate. It’s fun, it’s TOTALLY worth it, and you’ll for sure have plenty of fun. Not only that, but you will learn more than just martial arts. It’s not just about knowing how to fight or defend yourself. It also helps you build your character. You become more confident in what you do, raises your self-esteem.”

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Nothing Beats Martial Arts for Families in Leesburg

Here are just a few of the benefits of joining Super Kicks Karate in Leesburg:

  • Learn the same program at the same time!
  • Get in great shape and keep your children active
  • Teach your children to set goals and lead by example
  • Create purpose and confidence
  • Have FUN Together!

“Families that Kick together, stick together!”

Super Kicks is an Elite Martial Arts School Serving Loudoun County

Super Kicks Karate is an American Freestyle Karate (AFKA) Martial Arts School offering fitness and self-defense classes for toddlers, children, and adults, as well as after-school and camp programs for children whose parents want the very best for their students in (and out) of school. Currently, Super Kicks has two Loudoun County locations in Ashburn and Leesburg and has plans to expand.

About the Owner, Master Don Alley

Super Kicks owner Don Alley has been a key influencer in the AFKA world, as well as an impactful entrepreneur for Loudoun County families. He aims at giving you the highest quality options for martial arts fitness and self-defense programs in the area.

Over the years Master Alley has been responsible for multiple Super Kicks startup locations in Virginia and is now working on expanding the availability of the programs in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia. Master Alley is a world champion in the National Black Belt League super heavyweight division in a continuous fighting. He is also currently training to compete in an Ironman competition. Read Don Alley’s bio.

“Make Your Gi Pop,” by Master Alley

Master Alley has taught in dozens of Youtube videos and several series dedicated to training and teaching, kicking and punching, as well as weight loss and life lessons. Checkout the Super Kicks Youtube Channel! 


Classes & Programs Offered at Super Kicks in Leesburg

At Super Kicks Karate, we contribute our success to our dedicated families! We are here to serve individuals and families of Leesburg, whatever their goal is – for fitness, teaching discipline and confidence, self-defense, or just to add some fun to your week!

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Martial Arts Classes

Our Martial Arts Classes are for the Whole Family
Sometimes parents think that our karate classes are build just for kids… but our Super Kicks karate curriculum is the same for the adults and the children.

Whether you are joining for yourself or looking for focus and organization for your kids, our karate classes are a great way for your entire family to learn together, with instructors that are both encouraging and caring. During class, you will line up by height – that way your children can always see you, and you can see them.

Martial Arts can instill values that last an entire lifetime, whether you are 10, 30 or 60!

Our Karate Program Builds Confidence
The core curriculum empowers the students as they improve their abilities and learn to defend themselves.

Students tell us all the time about how good they feel in all areas of their life after joining our school. For adults, you will not only learn self-defense and become more confident, but will gain muscle, lose weight and really get in shape! Our instructors will help you to master a variety of methods while you are having fun and learning self-defense.

And just to be clear, this is not a gym! A lot of our students come to us from being bored or unmotivated to keep going (especially for those of us who are busy)! So what makes Leesburg’s Super Kicks more motivating and empowering than going to Zumba, or doing a circuit at the gym? Super Kicks students start at the beginning, and each level becomes more advanced and more motivating than the last – its catered to your specific goals and abilities.

Karate Programs for School-Aged Kids

children at super kicks karate after school programSuper Kicks offers a variety of programs for Leesburg parents who want their kids to stay active and focused when Loudoun County schools are out of session. Our most popular program is our Leesburg Summer Camp, and our After School program – serving students in all areas of Loudoun including Evergreen Mill Elementary School, J. Lupton Elementary, and many others!

We offer day camps when your kids are out of school for teacher work days and minor holidays, as well as full winter, spring and summer camps! Our karate programs aren’t like other after-school and summer camp programs held in a school gym or daycare facility. After being safely transported in our fully insured vans from their school to our karate studio they will get a healthy snack and then begin enjoying an amazing American Freestyle Karate class, working towards their black belt! They also get plenty of time to complete their homework – with assistance (of course) from our after-school counselors. Other fun stuff? Of course! Games and plenty of other fun, focused activities.

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