Private Martial Arts Lessons in Leesburg

Train in martial arts and self-defense in Leesburg, VA, and do it with private lessons

Kids and adults alike are training privately and making HUGE gains in their martial arts journey! The best part of training martial arts in private lessons is that you get to choose what you want to learn! Have a specific goal? Discuss it with us and let us help you accomplish it! Here are a few of the segments of the curriculum you could choose to focus on:

  • Krav Maga (Israeli Self Defense Training)
  • Kali (Filipino martial arts style based on knife fighting)
  • Gun Defenses
  • Defense against a knife attack
  • Ground Survival techniques (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
  • Earn your Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate

Benefits of Private Lessons at Super Kicks Karate in Leesburg

  • Attention you need at the speed that’s right for you
  • One-on-one personalized program
  • Learning program created specifically for your goals
  • Plenty of time for questions and feedback
  • Expert attention that isn’t stretched across a group classes

Who can benefit from Private Lessons at Super Kicks?

  • If you are interested in learning from a professional instructor, and don’t want to share the floor with other students, our private lessons are for you! Get one-on-one, personalized attention and know that your instructor is helping you achieve YOUR goals.
  • Teenagers about to go to college! Are you about to send your daughter or son off to college? Will this be the first time they have been away without your protection? Give them the confidence and skills they need to protect themselves as they go out into the real world. If they don’t have a couple of years to earn their black belt, 10-20 private lessons could be the difference between staying safe and getting injured.
  • You have a hectic work schedule. Our group classes are typically in the evening hours, but if you are an executive, or have a demanding schedule, our private lessons are the PERFECT way to train, learn martial arts, earn your black belt, and be able to defend yourself and your family. We can cater to your schedule, and be flexible as we set up your weekly private classes. Or you have a child who has a demanding schedule and you want him or her to receive the benefits from training, during a time that works PERFECTLY for you, our private lessons would be IDEAL.
  • You learn better one on one. Some people just naturally learn better in a private setting, and if that’s you, then take advantage of our private lesson training! Customized workouts, specific training plan according to your goals, and individualized attention. You will see the progress you want, with a caring instructor who will guide you every step of the way.
  • You have a “CRUSH IT” mentality and you want to learn fast. We get it. You’re type A, low on time, and high on life, and you want to accomplish everything, NOW! We like you already 🙂 Earn your black belt in American Freestyle Karate, and do it fast and intense. Sometimes you don’t need more time to achieve a goal, you need intensity. This has been your life, hasn’t it? Apply your attitude towards your martial arts training and get your black belt in one year.