About Super Kicks Karate of Leesburg, VA

Welcome to the new Super Kicks Karate in Leesburg! Our journey started at Super Kicks Ashburn, with a modern and fun approach to martial arts. Our professional martial arts program is different because we focus on the core principles of focus, perseverance, honor, and dedication.

Our classes are built for all ages – from our toddler class to our family martial arts classes for kids and adults, and our adult-only Krav Maga program. We also offer year-round after school and camp programs for your children. All of our classes are designed so that you and your family can achieve your full potential!

Achieve Your Full Potential

You are going to love Super Kicks in Leesburg

Whether or not you’ve experienced martial arts before, we know that you will love our martial arts classes and kids programs in Leesburg, just as the hundreds of families and individuals have fallen in love with our Ashburn programs. How can we be so confident, you ask?

Here’s how we know you will love martial arts in Leesburg…

A Whole-Life approach to Martial Arts

Our instructors have a whole-life approach to martial arts, including the motivation and discipline that you will get from the physical aspects of practice, but they also want to guide you into patience, confidence, and wisdom. We want you to be successful with your health and physical abilities through our training sessions, but we also want you to be successful in all other aspects of your life – including at home, at school, with your family, in your job, and any and all other aspects of your life!

New friendships, for us and for you!

Time and time again our students come back and tell us how much they have personally benefited from being a part of our program – new friendships and bonds with other students and with the instructors are why we can call ourselves the “Super Kicks Family.” We love getting new students because that means more bonds, more friendships, and a bigger family!

Families who come to Super Kicks together are able to bond in a positive atmosphere, away from the stress and busyness of their everyday lives. Some of our students have said, “families who kick together, stick together!”

Fun while keeping Fit

Super Kicks offers a fun, energetic atmosphere where you can focus on your health and fitness goals. Owner and master trainer, Don Alley, has over 25 years of experience in training literally hundreds of students achieve their black belt qualifications.

About Master Don Alley, Owner of Super Kicks in Ashburn and Leesburg

Master Don Alley

Master Alley has been training in martial arts for over 28 years – with beginnings in local karate tournaments when he was 8. He has competed nationally and internationally in the National Black Belt League and has won the world championships in the super heavyweight division in continuous fighting.

Currently, Master Alley is training to compete in an Ironman competition in the fall of 2018.

Other schools founded by Master Alley include Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn, Center Stage Academy in Ashburn, and now Super Kicks Karate here in Leesburg!

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