How does Super Kicks Build Confidence in Kids?

We say it at the door on the way in, preparing our minds.

We say it as we leave as a reminder that we will do our best.

It’s short. It’s simple. And it’s powerful. 


If there was a motto that encompasses what we do at Super Kicks, this is it. Achieving goals, growing as a leader, accomplishing new heights—it starts with this belief.

Parents regularly tell us that they want their child to be more confident. They want martial arts to help build that skill set in their children. 

Spend time at Super Kicks Karate. You’re in the right place. 

We believe confidence starts with how you think and how you talk to yourself. 

Tell a child over and over that they CAN’T do something, and they will quickly believe you. Tell a child that they CAN accomplish something, and they will quickly believe you. 

If we can help a child feel strong on the insides—that any challenge they face in life is an obstacle that can be overcome with the right actions, right decisions and resources—well, we believe that’s a powerful human. 

THAT’S what we are trying to create. THAT’S the goal at Super Kicks. 

And, taught correctly, THATS what martial arts can do for a child. 

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