How to Keep Training in Martial Arts While Injured

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When you train with martial arts, you always want to be at your best. Super Kicks Karate aims to take you to black belt skill level and beyond. However, sometimes an injury can get in the way and slow you down. How do you continue your martial arts training with an injury?

1. Don’t Make It Worse

It can be tempting to keep training once you’re injured, but it’s crucial to take it easy. The only way an injury can get better is if you give your body a chance to heal. Rest isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity. Aggravating an injury will only keep you out of classes longer.

2. If You Can Do It, Go For It

If there are parts of your training that you can continue doing while you’re sidelined, keep going! A leg injury is hard, but you can keep practicing your punches. You can also practice with a weapon and improve your wielding techniques. If your injury is to a hand or an arm, this is a great chance to focus on your kicks or jumps.

3. Don’t Rush: Take Your Time

Make certain that you’re approved to train before resuming practice. The last thing you want is to cause more damage to an injury and sit out even longer!

Train where you can and do what you can, but also remember to not push too hard. Hurting yourself with martial arts training is the exact opposite of what you want to do. The goal is to find a safe balance of resting and training so you can heal properly.

Remember through all of this that an injury is only a temporary setback. Train where you can and wait through the healing process. You’ll be stronger on the other side and back in full action before you know it.

We at Super Kicks Karate take the safety and health of our students very seriously. Interested in a class? Call today and see how many classes we offer for all ages and skill levels. Call (571) 293-2467.