Is 3 Years Old Too Young to Start Kids In Karate?

Whenever a parent asks us, “Is 2 or 3 years old too young to start learning karate?”, we always tell them story after story about the students who started that young, and have blossomed into incredible humans. Black belt achievers that are strong, talented martial artists. 

Miss Alston is one of them. She was 3 years old when she started taking karate with us, and is currently one of our top ranked students who is also working forwards becoming an instructor. 

Recently, she asked if she could lead an advanced class. She took the floor and commanded the attention of over 25 students, kids and adults, and led the group with the type of confidence that many adults crave. 

Is 3 years old too young to learn karate? No. No it isn’t. They learn it. They get it. 

But more importantly, they become part of our tribe, and embrace our energy of “working hard and always doing your best.”

They adopt the mentality of a black belt, and THAT is one of the most important elements of learning martial arts. Not only do you learn how to defend yourself at Super Kicks, but you adopt the mindset of an achiever. 

This young lady will go far in life, and we are lucky to help mold her attitude alongside her parents. 

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