Train With Intensity In Your Face

Why is it so important to train with intensity in your face?

Hey, Master Alley here with a training tip! I want to give you a quick tip on how to improve your fighting skills by getting into character. Sure, we have fun while learning and practicing martial arts, but martial arts is not a silly sport. If you take Universal 1 for example; the first three moves are back fist, reverse punch, front kick. What you never want to do when you’re doing a form is smile! I’m not going to smile when I throw my kick, that’s not how we fight. Also, if I had to fight I wouldn’t be fighting with a neutral face either. I wouldn’t just stand there, looking. When executing sharp techniques, I wouldn’t have a ‘nothing’ face on.

If I was angry, if I was fighting, if I had to defend myself, if I was scared for my life, I wouldn’t grab this guy and punch him with a smile! What would I do? I would be angry, I would scream. I would be mad. Show me a face of intensity when you train. That’s what I need from you when you’re doing your forms.

Universal 1-9, elbow sequence, I want it to look like you’re actually fighting! Make a face like this- squeeze your nose, raise some eyebrows, show me some teeth! That’s the face. Relax, squeeze your nose, raise your eyebrows, show me some teeth. This is what I’m looking for. That way, again, if you’re fighting, you grab the guy– this (see video) isn’t the face that you make when you’re fighting. THIS (see video)  is the face!

Practice it at home then come to class and give me some face!

See you soon!

-Master Alley

P.S. I’d like to share another tip I recently shared on How To Improve Your Skills-FASTER! I hope this helps!