Enhancing Our Martial Arts Classes: Integrating Video & Music. There’s No Place Like Super Kicks.

We have been working on this idea for months now, and I’m so excited to bring it to you. Starting today, classes will be more dynamic than ever before, as we begin using our VIDEO WALL!

🎤 Instructors will be miced. 

🥁 We will have music throughout. 

🎞 We can highlight specific moves in slow motion. 

🤯 I can assist my own class! 

Our classes will be an integration between instructors teaching on the floor, and also teaching from the screens. We have prerecorded the portions of class that we feel would be most helpful to see on the video, and then we “give it back” to the instructors on the floor. 

We feel like this is the most innovative addition we have ever implemented. 

With the few times we have used the screens, we have watched students that normally struggle to follow along, all of a sudden more focused and structured and learning faster than ever. 

This has always been the goal. How do we teach better? How can we make it easier to learn? How can we make it more FUN to take class?

I’m really proud and grateful to bring this to you. I can’t wait for you to see what we have done. 

With that said, I also know that there will be issues to fix. Tweaks we will need to make. I’ve always been a big fan of “ready, FIRE!!!! Aim.” 

As we move forward, we will be taking ardent notes about what we need to do to create the best possible integration between us teaching on the floor, and teaching from the video screen. 

The good news is, everything that we have done with the video editing has been done in house. So anything I need to adjust in real time is easily fixable. We see a problem? It should be fixed in a day. That feels good to me.

Thank you SO MUCH for trusting us to teach your family martial arts. There are a lot of choices in Ashburn, and I’m so grateful you’ve settled on us. I hope that with this new idea we are implementing, you will feel reminded that we truly love our mission, we want to serve you in the best possible way, and there’s no place like Super Kicks Karate ❤️

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