4 Reasons Students Join Our Instructor Program

4 Reasons Students Join Our Instructor Program

For some of our martial arts students in Ashburn and Leesburg, VA, learning karate and being able to defend themselves isn’t enough. They want more. They want to start giving back to others around them. These students want to become instructors.

When we sense this in our students, we usually invite them to join our CIT course. This is our Certified Instructor Training program, designed to teach our student how to teach while they simultaneously learn American Freestyle Karate. What happens is a win-win because students who want to teach ALWAYS become stronger martial artists. This is one of our secrets on getting students great!

Before a student joins our martial arts instructor training program, we sit down and review their goals. We try and find out their motivation. A list of some of the reasons students become instructors, and our responses to them:

1- They want to run a Super Kicks Karate school, and impact the lives of hundreds and thousands of students!

If this is you, CONGRATULATIONS! This is one the best career paths available today! Your “job” will be to teach what you love, change lives, stay in shape, inspire others to be their best, and leave a legacy of leadership behind you. However, this isn’t the path for everyone. Not all those in CIT want this for themselves. Being a chief instructor is more than a job, it’s a career, and it’s all-encompassing. There are a TON of responsibilities, and quite honestly, it’s not for everyone. And that’s ok.

2- They join because they want to be part of the highest level of training our martial arts schools have to offer and have a higher level of prestige in the school.

As students learn through our instructor course, some of them simply want more access to their chief instructor. They don’t want to BE a chief instructor, they just want more of his/her time, energy, and attention, and the CIT program offers that. They want to learn as much as they can from their instructor, and the CIT program is a way for them to grow personally and professionally, hone in on their leadership skills, and gain more access to their mentor. Perfect.

3- They join because they just want to be an instructor, progress through the levels of certification, help out in classes, impact students, and make a difference.

If that’s you, WE NEED YOU! We need students on the floor, helping in our schools, setting an amazing example of what it means to be a black belt, a leader, and an instructor. You don’t have to run a martial arts school full time to make a full-time difference in the life of a student. You can make an impact now. Think about some of the instructors who are in your school now that aren’t there full time, but when they are there, make you feel amazing… Maybe you want to be one of them? I applaud you. You’re going to make an amazing instructor.

4- And perhaps, they join because of the POSSIBILITY of things to come…

Maybe you don’t know what you want, or where you fit. That’s okay! I started teaching all of the evening classes for my instructor when I was 15 years old. If he had pulled me aside and said, “Mr. Alley, in order for you to teach my classes and become an instructor, I need a lifelong commitment from you,” I would never be here, teaching every day, and enjoying a career in the martial arts. I had to start slowly. I had to learn and grow as an instructor, and ALONG THE WAY, I had to make decisions about my job, my career, and my life, that propelled me to the place where I am now.

If you are intrigued by the possibility of becoming an instructor and helping us grow our organization through martial arts, you’re in for a treat!

Keep your eyes open, keep your mind engaged, and take on a leadership role in your school and among the chief instructors of our locations. As we grow and reach more people with the benefits of the unique training with Super Kicks Karate, there will be more need for leadership, and having well-trained instructors, regardless of your position, will be imperative. Learn. Grow. Teach. Inspire. The possibilities are endless, as we are limited only by our imaginations.

This article was adapted from our CIT training manual, Level 1.

If you are interested in becoming a martial arts instructor or learning more about martial arts training for you or your family, reach out to us and begin the conversation with one of our chief instructors! Teaching martial arts is an incredible way to give back to your community!