I Kicked My Son Out of Class

When my son was 6, I decided to put him in martial arts. I was excited. I giggled watching him take his first lesson… It was so special, and his little energy and facial expressions were priceless. I’ll remember that day for the rest of my life. 

Fast forward six months. 

Things were not going so well. 😂

He never listened to me. He was unfocused. We would butt heads. He routinely broke formation and was doing… something?

“JUDAH! What are you doing?!?” 

Swinging an imaginary item repeatedly: “I’m chopping bad guys with my lightsaber, Daddy!”


Looking back, it was precious, and I should’ve had more grace in my heart. In the moment, it was frustrating. (I wish I understood the concept of “The Gap and the Gain” back then.)

I wanted him to learn to set goals, work hard, fail correctly, persevere—all the things we teach. But it seemed as though he couldn’t hear it from me. 

Solution? I enrolled him in another martial arts school run by one of my trusted friends. 

Result? He flourished. It was incredible to see. He grew. He got better. And he received the life skill training that was most important to me. 

In essence… I hired an outside voice. He had “daddy” all the time, and even though I had hundreds of kids hanging on my every word, at the end of the day, I was still “just Dad.”

It’s a healthy thing for parents to do. Find other adults and mentors and teachers that share your values, and put your kids in front of them. Let another adult say what you are saying to your kids, and they’ll have another opportunity to “get it.”

And that’s where Super Kicks comes in. Let us be that outside voice. Let us coach your kids. Remind them to be kind to others. Work hard. Set goals. Fail forward. Persevere. Achieve. Serve the community. 

If you aren’t yet part of our school, and want to try us out, grab a 30 day guest pass here! It also includes a free uniform, so you can take a month and see if “another voice” could help your children and your family. 

I know it did for my son ❤️

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