Handgun Defense Seminar – March 19th

What would you do if a gun was pointed at your face? Could you defense yourself? Would you respond correctly? 

If you were being used as a shield and your attacker had a gun, what would you do?Come and attend this seminar, and you will learn how do defend yourself if the gun is pointed at:

– Your face 
– The side of your head
– Your chest
– Your groin 
– Your attacker is close and the gun is in front of your arm
– Your attacker is close and the gun is behind your arm
– You are being used as a shield in a hostage situation 

If you are ever assaulted with a gun, the last thing you want to do is engage. However, if you must, the techniques you learn at this seminar could save your life. Make sure you attend this event.

This seminar is IN PERSON & VIRTUAL. We will be streaming live and recording the seminar. All participants, whether in person or virtual only, will receive the link we use and will be able to have unlimited access to the replay. This means that if you want to take the seminar again, get more practice, or see a drill more closely under the camera, you’ll be able to. 

Available for members and non-members of Super Kicks Karate. All non-members will receive a complimentary free, 30 day guest pass to our school after completing the seminar!

Click the link, register you and a friend, and we will see you there! https://bit.ly/Defense_Gun

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