Four Reasons for Families to Take Martial Arts Together

mom teaches daughter how to kick

Karate classes are a great way for children to learn self-defense and important values such as discipline, respect, and confidence. Adults can benefit from martial arts classes by losing weight and learning self-defense. Yet the biggest benefit for everyone is simple: take a class together!

Super Kicks Karate has always allowed families to take the same classes, because we feel there’s a big benefit for everyone when they train together. Here are the four reasons why families should train together in the same class.

1. Schedules Are Easy

Schedules are hard when you’re a family. Everyone’s always got their own thing and timing is difficult. In other martial arts schools, children are often divided by age into smaller groups, all the way up to adults. Managing that schedule, especially if you have multiple children, is more than tough, it’s nearly impossible.

At Super Kicks, all of our classes include mixed ages. That means everyone is welcome in the same class. The entire family can enjoy the same class, train together, and then head home together.

2. Children Emulate the Adults

There’s always fun in a martial arts class, but children often look for ways to play and be silly. However, in a mixed age class, there are also adults on hand. Having adults in the class means children focus on them as a role model. When the adults work hard, the children work hard, too. Everyone still has fun, and children progress quickly.

3. Families Stay Together

There aren’t many things a family can do all together. Different ages typically mean different skill levels. At Super Kicks, we’re proud to have so many families train together. Parents learn with their children, and many progress to black belt side by side.

4. Affordability

Super Kicks offers a great deal for families that can’t be beat. You pay full price for the first student, then 30 percent off the second student. Any students after that are free. That means everyone in your family can enjoy martial arts. Plus, everyone gets a free uniform as part of their enrollment.

We want your family to spend time with each other. Get the family together and come try a martial arts class. Call Super Kicks Karate at (571) 293-2467.