“Exponentially Better!” This, & 5 More Nuggets of Feedback from our New Martial Arts Class Structure

“Exponentially better.” 

“Huge value add!”

“State of the art.”

Music to my ears, all of it. This is just a taste of the feedback we received about our new class structure. 

“What you were doing [for the last 25 years] was good, but this is exponentially better.”

It’s only been one week, and immediately, I have seen and heard some incredibly positive implications from what we have done to our classes. 

Parent observations.

“I can hear you.” This came from another parent/student who has been training for a while, and never said anything to the contrary. But now that we are mic’d, she can hear us better and understand. 

My daughter was practicing more than I’ve ever seen.” This is the biggest reason for implementing our screens. Now, when students are practicing on their own, they have a constant visual of what the moves should look like, and have an instructor setting the example, over and over and over. 

Instructor observations. 

➡️ I’ve never seen students learn the advanced kicks that we are teaching so fast. It was shockingly fast. And I firmly believe it was because they could see the move demonstrated repeatedly, giving them the visual aid needed to learn it. 

➡️ Details. We watched students practicing details of some of the kicks that we actually didn’t describe on video. Why? They saw it on screen and could emulate it. 

➡️ We have more energy. Since we don’t have to shout for 5 straight hours now, every team member has markedly more energy. It’s beyond wonderful. We can still teach and serve, and there is more of our soul to give. (Specifically, I taught every class last Saturday from 9-4pm, then immediately led a birthday party for 90 min, and walked out for dinner at 6pm feeling strong and youthful and energetic. It was awesome. And slightly odd 😅)

➡️ We make more connections with students. While the video is teaching the curriculum, we have the freedom to roam and help students more. It’s been utterly delightful. 

We say it often, and we mean it: We are just getting started. 

As we use our video wall more, we will continue to innovate and serve our members at a high level. 

Perfect example: I wanted the ability to show each individual Universals 1-9 looped. I called my assistant on Thursday, we had the video made on Friday, and by Saturday, the Black Belt Prep class was able to train universals in a way that would have NEVER been possible otherwise. 

I’m excited. 

About all of this. I hope you are too!

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