Everything is Difficult in the Beginning!

Remember these 6 words:

Everything is difficult in the beginning!

It’s always important to remember that as you’re learning a new skill, as you’re learning a new technique, it’s possible you’re always going to be bad at first.

Maybe you’re one of those people that are super talented and can pick something up immediately. That’s awesome! I’m not one of those people.

Anytime I’m trying to learn a new skill, it’s always clumsy. I’m always messing things up and it’s always a slow process. The learning curve is always slow in the beginning but then once you get it… you-got-it!

Think of Universal 5… as we’re going through it right now, it’s awkward, and the directions change every time, there’s a lot of spins, and weird techniques and it’s just tough, right?

But THEN you do it a couple more times and you start remembering what it looks like. You start getting it in your head and the next time you come to class it’s even easier.

A week later you’re like “Okay. I think I got this thing and I can practice at home on my own.” A month later when we’re reviewing it, you’re at “Man, I got this. I got this strong.” By the time you test for it, you’re DONE! You know it and you rock it and it’s the easiest thing because you practiced and you pushed along.

It’s important to remember that in the beginning when you’re learning something new, it’s always difficult. Don’t be afraid of the challenge. Don’t be afraid of failing and don’t be afraid of learning and the learning process.

E v e r y o n e  goes through it. You can’t escape it so embrace it. Learn to love it and go after what it is you want to do!

See you in class.