Earn Your Black Belt. Become An Instructor. Create A Legacy

Look Into The Future

About two weeks ago, we put on the front wall above the mirrors, our phrase that says, “Earn Your Black Belt. Become An Instructor. Create A Legacy.” The reason I put it up is because I want to have our students focus on those three ideas. One of the great things about martial arts is it really teaches you how to look into the future and decide what you want to accomplish and to take action then start working towards it.

As a beginner student, I want you to focus on earning your black belt. Start thinking in terms of, “I’ve got to earn my black belt.” Show up every day and strive to train hard. Learn the curriculum and want to be an amazing martial artist! Think “I’ve got to earn my black belt.” But then after even a month or two, I want you to start thinking in terms of, “Okay, I want to become an instructor.” 

I want you to set your goal to start teaching. The reason is that our instructors are some of the best martial artists we have. Think of people that are lifelong martial artists themselves. If they teach, they’re probably pretty good. The moment that you start learning how to teach, you start taking a closer look at your own performance. You notice how you are personally training in martial arts. Becoming an instructor is a great way to pass on our art. It’s also a great way to improve your own self because, again, you just start looking at yourself a little bit more closely. 

 Then this idea of creating a legacy. I don’t want our students thinking in terms of three to four years to earn a black belt. How about to earning a mastership? What about 20 to 40 years from now? Where will you be as a martial artist and who will you have influenced because of your martial arts training? 

One of the great things about being a martial arts instructor, I’ve been teaching now for 20 years. I started teaching in August of 1997. Here we are, this video has been made in November 2017, so I started teaching over 20 years ago. Looking back over the last 20 years, I’d like to think I’ve created an amazing legacy. I have people that I’ve worked with and that I’ve trained. I have students that were kids. Now they have kids of their own, and I’ve taught those kids. It makes me feel a little bit old. I’ve done this for so long.

I know personally, I’ve got another 20, 30, 40, years in me that I plan on doing this… being a martial artist, creating students, and creating instructors. My legacy excites me. What about your legacy? As a martial artist, what type of legacy can you create? What type of legacy can you leave based on the people that you will have influenced as martial artists, and as martial arts instructors?

Take away from this video, number one- if you haven’t set your goal to earn your black belt, you’ve got to set your goal! Talk with me, talk with your chief instructor or talk with someone at the martial arts school. Figure out what it’s going to take for you to earn your black belt. Keep training, keep pushing and start asking yourself the question, “Is it time for me to be an instructor?” “Is it time for me to even start learning the steps towards becoming an instructor?” If you’re thinking, “Well, I’m only nine years old. I don’t care.” I was nine when I started my own instructor training program way back in the day. Consider private lessons. Do whatever-it-takes to reach your goal!

As you’re getting older you’re learning. You’re teaching. You’re teaching and you’re learning, and you’re learning how to teach and you’re teaching to learn even more. I promise you’ll become an amazing martial artist. Start thinking even now whether you’re seven years old, 17, 27, 37 of what legacy you will create in the future as a martial artist. How many students will you be able to influence? How many people will you be able to help because of the martial arts that you taught them?

I hope this can inspire you. Keep training hard, keep working hard.

I’ll see you in your very next class, very soon. If you’re not a student with us yet, what are you waiting for? Join our team and empower yourself! Earn. Become. Create.