Black Belt

Those were the good ol’ days! Thirty years ago in karate class, it wasn’t the best idea to come to train on your birthday…

If Master Arthur found out you came to class on your birthday, he stopped everything to celebrate!!


“It’s Don’s birthday today!! DOOOGGGG PIILLLEEEE!!!”

Everyone would proceed to pounce on the birthday kid, holding him down, and our loving instructor would deliver the birthday spankings. It was awesome!!

Unless you were the birthday kid. 

The unfortunate soul usually came out from under the pile crying, everyone clapped and cheered, and class resumed. 

And somehow, the kid actually came back to class. 

Different era…

Luckily, we now have a better way of celebrating birthdays! 

Check out our birthday packages, let your child cut a cake with a sword, play some awesome games, be a black belt for a day, and we will see you for the next party!

And I promise, no dog piles 🙂