Don’t Do Daycare: Karate After School Program

After school programs in Ashburn and Leesburg are plentiful. With so many to choose from, how can you decide what will offer your child the most? Which program will offer the parent the most? And most importantly: which program will be there for me on my child’s day off from school? Super Kicks Karate provides families in both Leesburg and Ashburn the best after school program you can find.

When it comes to snow days, teacher work days, or small holidays such as Columbus Day, finding a safe place for your child to go can be difficult. That’s why Super Kicks Karate goes the extra mile when your child isn’t in school and you have to work.

On days where children don’t have school but parents need to work, such as minor holidays, we provide full day camps for children of all ages. Best of all, if you’re a part of our regular after school martial arts program, this full day camp is free!

Teacher work days are also covered. You need to head to school but your children don’t? Bring them to Super Kicks Karate. Snow days are no longer a hassle for parents: no matter how many days the schools stay closed, Super Kicks Karate has an option for you.

If your child is enrolled with us, bring them to Super Kicks Karate, even as early as 7 am. Our martial arts camp is fun for everyone, so much fun that they won’t even want to go home. If your child isn’t enrolled with us, don’t worry! We offer one day enrollments for a simple rate of only $39.

Your child will enjoy relay and table games all day long. They’ll also have crafts and projects to create and take home with them, and of course, they’ll enjoy a fun martial arts class!

Learn more about our great after school and day camp programs: call Super Kicks Karate at (571) 293-2467.