Dad Earned Black Belt 1st. Then Mom. Then Kids. One More to Go!

Every so often, a family comes into our karate school in Ashburn and we know almost instantaneously—they are going to enroll, they are going to love us, we are going to love them, and this is going to be an awesome journey. 

Such was the case when the Klukowski family came in for their first introductory martial arts class. From the beginning, it was obvious that their values matched ours:

  • They wanted their boys to become more confident, and learn to defend themselves. 
  • They wanted to have an activity that could be done as the whole family. 
  • They liked our stance on “everyone has to earn their black belt individually,” which means sometimes one child will get ahead while the other remains to continue to practice and improve before moving up. 

They attended class consistently, and over the last 4 years, it’s been a pleasure to watch each student train at their own pace, deal with life and failure, battle through Covid, and keep working towards their goal. 

Mr. Klukowski was the first in the family to test for black belt successfully. A self-described overachiever, he approached our team of instructors  early on and said he wanted to do whatever it would take to excel and move ahead more quickly than his family. He wanted to set the example and show his boys that even with a busy schedule and active life, you can always crush the goals you set for yourself. 

Dr. Klukowski and her two oldest boys were next, and absolutely crushed their black belt exams. They pushed themselves, and were some of our strongest testers in that cycle. 

Most recently, shown in this picture, another son earned the prestigious rank of black belt! It took him multiple cycles, multiple attempts, failures and tears, and he persevered and pushed through. He accomplished the goal. It was awesome!

There is one more Klukowski who is in the ranks that hasn’t yet completed the first milestone, but we are all confident that it’s coming. 

So what comes next?

Aside from earning black belt, one of the most exciting things to all of the instructors at Super Kicks is that they have decided: black belt isn’t the end—it’s the beginning. 

They have joined our Master’s Club, the membership that takes a student from 1st degree black belt to 2nd degree, then 3rd, and all the way to mastership. 

At these higher levels, we train other styles of martial arts—Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Capoeira, Kali, Wushu—and teach our students new skills and philosophies of martial arts. With our core black belt training providing such a strong base, it’s easy to introduce a new style to our students and have them pick it up quickly. 

Martial arts can be a fun activity that gets you moving your body, and can introduce you to a new sport. It also has the potential to be a lifelong quest to better your mind, stay in amazing shape, continue learning, become part of a tribe, build character, and serve as THE metaphor on how to deal with success and failure. 

If you’re interested in trying our classes to see if it’s right for your family, grab a free 30 day guest pass! There’s no obligation to continue, and you never know… you might just enroll your entire family and be our next success story.

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