I Confirmed Their Suspicions: Americans are CRAAAAZYY!

Shock. Awe. Disbelief. Who thinks that way? Who says that?

The look on everyone’s face as we all sat there eating was worth the whole trip 🙂
Let me back up.
Last year, I went on a vacation to Italy, but not a sightseeing trip. It was a swim vacation!
Every day, 4-5 kilometers of swimming along the coastline of the Tremiti Islands, off the east coast of Italy. It was amazing.
Tremiti IslandsI was part of a group of swimmers from all over the world…Australia, Denmark, Ireland, and Germany.
There were about fifteen of us, and every day, we woke up, had breakfast together, talked about the swims we had planned that day, and hung out.
Then, we walked down to the coastline, jumped in a boat, and our guides took us to a new island, and we swam. And swam and swam. We explored caves. We circumnavigated a whole island once. We swam from one island to the next. It was all free swimming, with a boat nearby for safety, and it was incredible. Then we ate lunch. We rested. Afterward, we came back for another swim around 4 pm.
Every evening, we ate dinner together. It was such a wonderful trip… not just swimming, but the camaraderie and friendships forged in the water…I’ll remember it forever.
The whole vacation lasted one week, and on the last night, my wife and I were there, we were having dinner with the group, and everyone was talking about how wonderful the trip was.
That’s when I made my mistake.
I said, “Guys, this trip has been absolutely wonderful. I have enjoyed my time, the resting and recharging, getting to know you all, but I have to say: I really miss my job. A week is fun and all, but I’m excited to get back to work! Don’t you guys feel like that too?”
Cricket, cricket.
No. No, they did not. They don’t feel the same at all.
Shock. Awe. Disbelief. They stared at me. At each other. Back at me. No one was talking anymore, and they all looked uneasy.
I clearly disrupted the energy and flow of the conversation.
Crazy AmericanMost of them were on week 4, 5, or even 6 of their “holiday”, and they weren’t ready to go back home. Much less go back to work.
And that’s when it dawned on me…
I am one of the luckiest human beings alive.
I am a martial arts instructor. I absolutely LOVE what I do. Sure, I need a vacation every so often.
But the reality is, after a week or so, I’m itching to get back. I miss my students. I miss my people.
I love what I do, and pretty much every day of my life is a vacation day. Martial arts has changed my life in every way imaginable, and the fact that it’s my JOB and career… I have to say I’m beyond blessed.
So to those of you currently enrolled, THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you.
To those of you not yet in our school, martial arts is one of the most meaningful things I could ever encourage you to do.
Maybe Super Kicks isn’t the school for you. If not, find the right place for your family. Get involved and start training somewhere.
But if you’d like to try our classes, I’d be honored to work with you. Take advantage of our trial, get in our school, and experience why I couldn’t wait to get back home from that trip.
Your martial arts journey awaits you.