man and woman practicing martial arts at Super KicksYou will learn self-defense, gain muscle and lose weight, and become more confident through martial arts classes for adults !

Get in shape at Leesburg’s best martial arts studio, Super Kicks Karate! You will master a variety of methods to get in great shape while having fun, and of course learning some amazing self-defense methods.

At our Leesburg Super Kicks location, our top instructors are real professionals and have taught self defense to hundreds of men and women to help them earn their black belts while losing weight and gaining flexibility.

kids karate class in ashburnA lot of parents think that our karate classes are for kids only, without realizing that at Super Kicks Leesburg we teach family classes with the same curriculum for both children and adults.

Whether you are 10, 40 or 60 years old… our family martial arts classes are a great way for you and your children to learn together in a safe environment. Our instructors are encouraging and care about your progress.

You will line up by height, so you will always be able to see your children and they can see you. You will train, work hard, and learn on your own while your family practices, too.