Confidence: Self-Defense’s Super Power

When it comes to taking martial arts for self-defense, many people have visions of grandeur: saving your life while out running, or protecting your family from a home invasion. Even finding a way to deal with the playground bully leads to parents looking for martial arts classes.

Super Kicks Karate teaches more than just self-defense. Self-defense isn’t about performing a roundhouse kick or getting super muscles. Martial arts helps you think on your feet, gives you the skills you need, and above all else: confidence.

Confidence is a crucial part of self-defense because it’s a great fear killer. Fear is everywhere: on television, in the news, all over your social media. With terrorism and violence occurring all around the world, it’s hard not to be caught up in fear.

There are many self-help books and techniques to help conquer fear. However, when you’re suddenly attacked or surprised, that fear will rear its ugly head. If you find yourself in a “flight or fight” moment, it can be hard not to freeze up. This is where your confidence in your self-defense skills can help save your life and the lives of those you love.

Knowledge in martial arts can give you that confidence. When training in martial arts, practicing everything is important. That means practicing techniques as well as intensity, such as facial expressions or emotions. If you practice as if you were in a fight, you’ll react the same way in a real “fight or flight” moment. Practice with confidence and your self-defense will reflect it.

Super Kicks offers a host of classes, all designed to help shape your knowledge and confidence into fighting fear. Our basic karate classes progress you from white to black belt. We also offer Krav Maga classes and self-defense seminars.

No matter what your reason for starting martial arts, Super Kicks will help you learn the self-defense skills you’re looking for. You’ll gain more than physical strength: you’ll gain confidence.

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