Stop & Bow… at Starbucks??

We are the products of our habits, whether good or bad. It’s been said that we are what we repeatedly do. Which is why we regularly walk into Starbucks and BOW AT THE DOOR! Every time we enter the karate school, we teach our students to bow in as a sign of respect. The karate school is an oasis, a … Read More

I’m the Worst. And It’s the Best!

One of my favorite things to do to my dad and son, is, well… to scare them. Back in 2016, I knew my dad had less than a year left to live, so I moved him up to Ashburn to be closer to me. It was an amazing year, full of wonderful memories… memories that helped heal the past, bridge … Read More

Summer Camp the Martial Arts Way

School is starting to wind down for the year and the weather is warming up which means summer is on the way.  You can already hear the buzz coming from the kids talking about SUMMER and all the fun they are going to have – the beach trips, the pool trips, NO SCHOOL. Its a sense of excitement and freedom … Read More

Our After School Karate Program Breaks Boards!

This week in our martial arts classes and after school program we are breaking boards, and training with the bo staff. TONS of fun! It’s always one of my favorite weeks to teach, especially with the beginners, who start breaking boards for the first time. Their faces are priceless as they blast through the board. They start off slightly apprehensive, … Read More

After School and Summer Camp Includes Daily Martial Arts

Did you know our After School Program and  Summer Camp includes daily martial arts lessons from awesome instructors like Miss Gelles?  As one of our amazing instructors, she loves making sure that our students get her best at all times.  Here she has a little story she’d like to share with you…we absolutely love her positive attitude!   It’s always … Read More

What You Need to Know About Summer Camp at Super Kicks

Summer Camp at Super Kicks

Answers to our most frequently asked questions: Interested in Summer Camp at Super Kicks but have some questions?  We have compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  Feel free to call us or come in and speak with any of our staff members if there’s anything we haven’t answered! Our karate camp is only $199/week and that … Read More

How Did Super Kicks Get Started?

Everywhere on Facebook for the last week, I have seen people bashing 2016, and cursing the entire year. I will admit, we lost some pretty amazing artists during the last 365 days, and have had our ups and downs. However, if you look back, I would also imagine that we have all had some pretty special memories, and some pretty … Read More

Super Kicks Summer Camp Weekly Field Trips are THE BEST in Ashburn!

You know Super Kicks Summer Camp is an amazing program, but do you know that we take weekly field trips?!  Each week has a theme and the field trips always tie into that theme.  Kids thing that Super Kicks Summer Camp’s weekly field trips are THE BEST in Ashburn!  Check out how much fun last week was with a recap … Read More