“Yes, I Can”

Yes I Can

What I’m about to share with you could change your life. It changed mine and is at the heart of everything I do. “Yes, I Can.” These words, combined with the brief to back them up, must permeate everything we do. “Yes, I Can.” When you show up to karate class and you step on the mat, you bow to … Read More

Martial Arts for Women

News of violence against women is almost a daily report. Don’t be a victim: take a martial arts class and protect yourself! Self-defense is just as important as balancing the checkbook or writing up the weekly grocery list. Take time for yourself and make sure you know how to defend yourself. Your safety depends on knowing the risks, your resources … Read More

Confidence: Self-Defense’s Super Power

When it comes to taking martial arts for self-defense, many people have visions of grandeur: saving your life while out running, or protecting your family from a home invasion. Even finding a way to deal with the playground bully leads to parents looking for martial arts classes. Super Kicks Karate teaches more than just self-defense. Self-defense isn’t about performing a … Read More

5 Top Self-Defense Tips

Every day, people of all different ages and genders are attacked and victimized. From a fight for your wallet to a fight for your life, knowing self-defense can make the difference. Here are the top five ways to protect yourself if you come under attack. 1. Demanding Money? Give Up the Cash If someone wants your money, don’t play a … Read More