Instructors Corner – Why Our Instructors Love What They Do!

The Instructors at Super Kicks are passionate about their job.  Molding the young and old to become leaders, gain confidence, and learn some great self defense!  Read on to see why our instructors love what they do! One of our parents approached me with a question about his children’s training. After we were talking for a couple minutes, the father … Read More

How Did Super Kicks Get Started?

Everywhere on Facebook for the last week, I have seen people bashing 2016, and cursing the entire year. I will admit, we lost some pretty amazing artists during the last 365 days, and have had our ups and downs. However, if you look back, I would also imagine that we have all had some pretty special memories, and some pretty … Read More

Super Kicks Instructors Corner – Life Skills

Our Black Belt Instructors are back to share with you some personal stories about how the life skills we teach have made their way into their daily lives. Over the holiday break, I was able to see many people who I don’t see as often as I’d like, like old friends and distant family. I was reminded of how much … Read More

Super Kicks Instructor’s Corner – Small Changes/Big Results

Super Kicks instructors are always working hard to encourage their students.  Sometimes just the smallest thing can have a big impact.  Each of our instructors has a story to tell about a little encouragement that made a big difference. We have a student in after school named Bibek. He’s a fantastic student. His attitude is always great! He works hard, … Read More