Black Belt Instructors – Positive Influences for Students

More inspiring stories from our wonderful black belt instructors!  They love to teach and inspire their students.  It is such a joy to see how much they care about what they do.  Know someone who could use this kind of positive influence in their life?  Check out our kids martial arts classes and see what a difference they can make. One … Read More

Master Alley is Back!

I have been out of teaching for about six months. And I did it on purpose, too. I was busy opening the first location for Center Stage, and I also had always wanted to train a team of people to run my martial arts school without me having to be there, doing the day to day. And I accomplished it. … Read More

Our Instructors Love to Inspire Our Students

At Super Kicks Karate, our instructors don’t just teach good martial arts.  They love to inspire our students.  Every day is an opportunity to reach out and help someone feel good about themselves.  To build self confidence and to show them they can do anything they put their mind to.  Check out some of our success stories!  Every week they … Read More

Meaningful Stories from our Black Belt Instructors

Our team of Black Belt Instructors regularly have experiences with students and/or parents that mean a lot to them.  Whether its instilling life skills, motivating kids and parents through our family classes, helping with discipline, confidence, self esteem, etc.  Here are some recent stories that they want to share with you! Miss Gelles Last week we were taking time during … Read More

Martial Arts Instructors and the Impact They Have on Their Students

Sometimes, I think I take for granted how much of an impact my martial arts instructor had on my life. There are things that I do now, unconsciously, that are the right things… things that and I am not confident others were taught. To be more specific, I recently had to go to court to testify on behalf of an … Read More

After School and Summer Camp Includes Daily Martial Arts

Did you know our After School Program and  Summer Camp includes daily martial arts lessons from awesome instructors like Miss Gelles?  As one of our amazing instructors, she loves making sure that our students get her best at all times.  Here she has a little story she’d like to share with you…we absolutely love her positive attitude!   It’s always … Read More