Crying at the Karate School

It’s happened twice in the last two weeks… Once by myself as I walked into the school, and once yesterday while I was teaching a class. Last night, I was lining up my beginner class, and this overwhelming feeling of gratitude hit me. Our students were on point. They were totally engaged. They were focused. Everyone was there to train. … Read More

Teeth Brushing on Vacation

I’ve decided that when I’m on vacation, I’m going to stop brushing my teeth. No toothbrush. No toothpaste. No floss. But it totally makes sense, right? It’s VACATION!! You Don’t do anything on vacation!! When I’m home and working, I always have to brush my teeth. I wake up, I brush. There is never a morning that you want to … Read More

Everything is Difficult in the Beginning!

Remember these 6 words: Everything is difficult in the beginning! It’s always important to remember that as you’re learning a new skill, as you’re learning a new technique, it’s possible you’re always going to be bad at first. Maybe you’re one of those people that are super talented and can pick something up immediately. That’s awesome! I’m not one of those … Read More

I Confirmed Their Suspicions: Americans are CRAAAAZYY!

Shock. Awe. Disbelief. Who thinks that way? Who says that? The look on everyone’s face as we all sat there eating was worth the whole trip 🙂 Let me back up. Last year, I went on a vacation to Italy, but not a sightseeing trip. It was a swim vacation! Every day, 4-5 kilometers of swimming along the coastline of … Read More

The Student we TRIED to Fail

Have you ever heard of anyone earning their black belt in 11 months? Brian Keefer is the very first student that I trained to go from white belt to black belt. Brian is an amazing martial artist who’s very talented. He was about 10, maybe 11 years old when he started training with me. It only took him 11 months … Read More

Let’s Make This Our Motto

Great Leaders

I’m going to tell on my mom… When I was learning how to drive, she used to tell me, “Do as I say, don’t do as I do!” 🤣 I don’t remember the exact things she was telling me not to do…perhaps it was shaking her fist at “idiot drivers,” (her words ) maybe it was driving too aggressively…or it could have … Read More